8 thoughts on “Welcome to The Sewing Machine Shop

  1. Question: I purchased a pattern for a small lace wedding bag. It is similar to other “lace” projects where a design is embroidered and then the stabilizer is rinsed out, leaving a beautiful lace item. It suggests using Sulky Ultra Solvy. Could I use two layers of the Super Solvy work instead? I have a lot of Super Solvy on hand and would like to use what I have. (Too dutch maybe!!) Any thoughts?

  2. I love The Sewing Machine Shop! Their help over the past few years has been amazing. I sew full time for my business and any time that a small issue arises, they are only a phone call away and walk me through the fix. When I do need to take my sewing machine in to be looked at, they are so friendly and quick. This type of service would never be offered by any online or chain stores who sell sewing machines. I will always purchase my machines from The Sewing Machine Shop!

  3. I am very pleased with my new sewing machine from the Sewing Machine Shop and you can’t beat the customer service. I got some help getting started and it’s been a lot of fun!

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