Embroidery For Any Occasion

Join us Tuesday January 31, 2017 6:00pm – 8:00pm

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This class will provide you with the opportunity to create crafts that the whole family will appreciate. These fun, cute toilet paper rolls will spice up the style of your bathroom!

Supplies to bring*: 

  • Embroidery machine and manual
  • 5.5″x5.5″ hoop
  • Mesh cutaway stabilizer
  • Size 11 blue tip needles
  • Small scissors for trimming threads
  • Scissors for cutting stabilizer
  • 2-3 bobbins filled with white thread
  • 6+” ruler
  • Straight pins
  • 2 rolls cheap toilet paper
Cost: $10 (reservations required)
*supplies can also be purchased before class for an additional cost

Daylight LED lights are in, and BRIGHT!

The New Daylight LED lights and Mags are selling so good we can hardly keep them in stock.  If you haven’t taken the time to see these you need too.  For any craft enthusiast, if your room or area is poorly light, there is a light for you.  Great gift  idea that will make major brownie points.

*Click here for a quick preview;  https://us.daylightcompany.com/

Tip of the week #11

Are you a quilter who uses safety pins?  In a typical day I get to see a lot of different Bo Bo’s but this one is one I needed to show.  The name of this proud owner will never be shown but the story of how it happen will.

As we all are guilty of at some time, the project got put aside and the due date was quickly approaching, when it needed to be completed. So lets pin this baby quilt and get it sewn because the grand baby just arrived.  (we knew for 8 months)  As a novice sewer she got started sewing an all over stipple on the new Janome and all was going well. Tensions were good, liked the colors, free motioning is all new but the pattern was looking good.  Almost through this project and feeling pretty cocky that this is going so well and Crunch!  Put the needle through this safety pin as there was no reason to move right. Not just once but FOUR times the sewing needle went through this pin before the thread broke and  was able to stop.  As one may think that this just through the machine out of time or screwed something up, but this Janome was no less for the wear.  Changed the needle  and finished the quilt with Care. 093 - Copy

Tip of the week #9

DSCN6768Meet Shiloh our store companion.  She is a 7 year old miniature schnauzer who comes to work whenever I’m hear except on the weekend, then she gets the day off.  Shiloh is usually in the back service room sleeping under the table or on someones lap. She rarely barks unless you are the first person in the door in the morning, then she will say Hi.

How many people get to take they pet to work?

Tip of the week #8

IMG_1355[1]Are you having problems with your thread frying or looping on the bottom of you fabric? Take you presser foot off and look to see if your needle plate looks like this. See the sharp points in the middle of the needle plate hole.  This is common for people who sew heavy seems or those of you who like to pull you fabric through and not let the feed dogs do the work.  What happens is the needle flexes and hits the edge of your plate and will cause this burr and as a result the thread in your needle goes down too hook the bobbin thread and gets caught on the sharp edge and causes you the frustration.

So take the needle plate off your machine and lets bet rid of these sharp edges.  You can sacrifice your Popsicle style finger nail file and crack it in half the long way.  Now you can file the sharp edges off in the hole the best you can.  Sand paper will work but it doesn’t hold up as well.  Really all you need is to get the sharp burrs knocked down.  At some point you will need to have the plate addressed but this should get you by until you can file and polish these out.

Good luck!