Who are the Ottman’s?

Family is a huge part of our business as everyone in the family has some task in the business, even our dog.

Darryl, along with his in-laws, Barb and Bob, are the backbone of the store. You can usually find Darryl at the store everyday from opening to closing.  Darryl brings to the business a  degree in Quality Control and more than 15 years of regulating precision measuring equipment. Details to repairs and customer service are what he promotes the most.  While having the ability and willingness to service almost all makes and models of sewing machines, Darryl is continually learning more and more to make each machine operate at it’s best.  By applying Janome factory training along with everyday hands on training, he is proud of how his service department has become even more efficient and effective.  Besides doing repairs on your machines, he also manages the office responsibilities including the book keeping, accounts receivable and payable, and the ordering of supplies, parts and sewing machines.

Brenda’s parents, Barb and Bob, can often be found cleaning and sewing on each machine that is brought in for service.  Barb has years of quilting experience which adds a personal touch in selling machines and giving real life advise on sewing applications.  Darryl has worked with Barb since the start of the business and relies on her experience to do minor repairs and adjustments to tensions.  With Bob’s life-time experience of repairing and trouble-shooting equipment, he is a great asset to the repair area as he can make repairs and adjustments to uncommon machines that may have otherwise caused a longer turn around time in the shop.



While Darryl’s wife Brenda, is a full time employee at an area cheese manufacturing company,she is in charge of the recording and payment of WI. state sales taxes.

Clayton, Darryl & Brenda’s son, has been a great help with IT, sales and data entry over the past years.  Clayton has completed his college BA  at UW Platteville and is now enrolled in the next chapter of his life, but still helps out with many computer and technical projects when he has free time.

Clayton hard at work

Morgan, Darryl & Brenda’s daughter, has now moved onto her new path as a full time student at Michigan Technical College in Houghton Mi. On her breaks, after home work, she still helps with inventory, data entry and in a pinch with the face book postings.


And last, but certainly not least, is the family miniature schnauzer, Shiloh.  In between her naps under the table in the repair area, she loves trying to get as much attention as possible.


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