Sewing machine height.

How many times have you realized that you have been behind your machine for more than an hour?  Is your back sore?  How about your shoulders?  So many of you rarely give a lot of thought to this topic as it’s just how you have always sewn.  To get right to it, the ideal height for your sewing machine is 29 ¾” from the floor to the top of the machine needle plate.  Your kitchen table will likely be close to thirty inches from floor to the top of the table and then add another 3” to the top of the needle plate, so you do the math.  It is hard to adjust your machine height unless you have a nice cabinet or custom built table. Now add into this equation your physical height and posture as well as the chair you are sitting on.  Folding chairs will not usually be your friend, so if your going to a retreat or a long class, consider all of the scenario’s that give to a pain in the back!

Here are a few tips that may make you a little more comfortable.  Try to sit up straight and not to slouch, keep your feet flat on the floor, position your sewing machine at a comfortable distance in front of you, change your chair style.  Get up every hour and walk to the next room and back.  How about just sit forward and slowly put your arms over your head and take a few deep breathes.   Did you ever try to sit on a magazine or catalog to raise you up?  Let me make it clear that I’m not trying to promote everyone run out and drop a thousand bucks for a new sewing cabinet but you really should consider your surroundings while you sew.

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