I wish I had five bucks for every time someone called me and asked where to buy a good sewing machine; I’m not joking. However the most frustrating part is they have no idea that there is a huge difference in the quality of box store to dealer machines. The biggest chain stores go in and say they will pay X amount for X many machines and don’t care what gets cut to make their given price. Even worse is that there are manufactures that will simple sell in these stores with name recognition and not quality. With this type of machine on the market, so many customers who have all the best intentions to sew get frustrated with the China made machines. I know I’m in the business, but if there is anything good about the discount store machines, it is that they keep me busy doing service and repair work.

Just about every manufacturer has some kind of great technology in their product line, but are the electronics solid and where are they made? This can be the greatest mystery you will fine. I don’t claim to have all the answers to these questions either. I do know the Janome Corporation makes all of their electronics in Japan which has always been known for great electronics. While Janome does make machines for other companies, they are built to that customer’s specifications and use electronic components supplied by them.

You really don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get a quality sewing machine even if you have been told differently. Don’t be afraid to walk into a dealer and ask questions, and get answers, but plan on spending $200 to get a really nice machine that will be strong and last for years, and have very few, if any issues.

I know this has gotten longer than I’d planned so I’m going to leave you with this,

real sewing enthusiasts don’t let friends sew on discount store sewing machines!”

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