It is finally warm out side and we in Wisconsin say “the sun is shinning and I need to get out and enjoy before the mosquitos attack or the snow fly’s “.  Sorry did I say snow?  Any way how about your sewing machine, can you part with it to give it some needed TLC.  Having your machine serviced now can prevent the panic this fall when you really want to use it and it is feeling neglected.

If you are the hard core sewing enthusiast and sew everyday, how about service when you are on vacation? Find some time and have your machine serviced at least once every two years by a professional even if you do your routine cleaning, which I hope you are doing.  Your dealer or service rep should be taking the plastic panels off and blowing out the fluff and gunk that accumulates over time and then lubricating the key parts that aren’t accessible to most consumers. Cleaning the tension disks and timing gears are very important to keep your machine running tip top.

I get asked about hot weather and the affects on machines.  After doing some research and asking different manufacture reps and service experts, the consensus was hot is not a problem within reason.  Inside a car on a really hot day, the temps could get over 175 degrees Fahrenheit so use your gut and consider all of your options before transporting.  My personal thoughts would be if you can bring it inside on a really hot day do so.


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