Tip of the week #7

Written by Morgan

Sewing offers you a variety of possibilities.  Whether you make your own clothes or shop for your favorites and realize they don’t fit, it’s always easier if you know how to sew.  Instead of having to take it to your mom or grandma to mend a ripped seam, you have the option to do it on your own time.  So you want to sew, but how do you get a machine?

Using your grandma’s old machine is usually always an option but the older machines aren’t always reliable.  If they haven’t been regularly maintained they will need to be taken in for a “check-up”.  If you don’t have that option, it is recommended to not just buy the first machine you see on the shelves.  Look at your options because what you pay for will likely be what you are getting.  There really are a lot of options out there.  There are basic computerized machines or basic, basic machines.  You can choose a machine with only a few stitches if you are only using it for fixing up your clothes but if you feel you will be doing more than that, you can get a machine with extra decorative stitches.  There are plenty of machines so you can get the machine to fit your needs.  Find a reliable store where you’ll be able to get quality customer service.  Here, we’ll sit down with you to make sure you understand your machine before and after you buy it.

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