Guest post by; Erin Otte-Meyer

Hi all!  My name is Erin, and I am a satisfied customer of the Sewing Machine Shop!  I purchased my Janome DC2010 from the Shop as a birthday present to myself after spending years puttering around on my grandma’s machine.  I have been so pleased with the performance of my little machine, and I love that if I have any problems I can just call up the Shop to fix them.

I got started sewing like a lot of people do- my grandma.  She taught me how to use her machine to sew all sorts of things like pajama pants, pouches, pillows, and most importantly quilts.  It is actually the quilt-making that pushed me to purchase my machine.  I had a friend who was having a baby, and I wanted to give a hand-made gift.  I decided to make a baby quilt, and with some help from my grandma I got it finished.  My friend loved it, so I decided that I would make a quilt for each friend’s baby that came along.  Little did I know there would be A LOT of babies coming!  I wanted to come up with unique quilts for each one, so I started to draw many of the quilts as original designs.  I found that I really enjoyed the process of designing and then using my machine to take my drawing from paper to real life.

I like being able to sit behind my machine and create things.  I don’t have a big quilting machine (a girl can dream can’t she?), but I find that I can get along quite well with the one I have.  I just put on one my quilting feet that I purchased from the Shop at the fair and I get down to business on whatever I’m working on.  Using the walking foot while quilting a quilt can be so meditative and let you forget about the stress of your day.  What more could you ask for?

What Erin didn’t mention was she was featured in the Jul/Aug 2014 Quilty magazine on page 90 under A Rookie Speaks. Thank you so much Erin and hope your story will inspire others.

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  1. Way to go Erin! I love my Janome embroidery sewing machine and regular Janome sewing machine. When the embroidery machine is sewing a design, I am on my other Janome sewing machine with another project. Maybe you can add an embroidery machine sometime.
    Dorita – Sheboygan Falls

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